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For hyakuiro, who won my little guessing game. Sorry this is late, dear.

Title: [none] [reward-request drabble from hyakuiro] [premise: Neji and Tenten, and fingernails]
Rating: T (smut-ish)
Words: Quite possibly more than a drabble should have. It’s probably considered a ficlet no. V_V I lack discipline. –cries-
I'm just a little unhappy about how it came out, because apart from the request itself there were several obscure themes running in my head and they sort of collided. But, I don't think it's too bad...


…and I can’t see anyone, anything but her, and my hands can’t keep to themselves…

Neji, for all he allowed his demeanor to show, was not immune to fantasizing.

…and then her eyes close and her arms wind around my neck…

It was almost frightening how well he manages to compartmentalize his thoughts into different planes. Nobody would ever know his deepest thoughts. He could do an eight-page report complete with every ninja move used in the mission by every individual, and nobody would find out if he was thinking about how lovely Tenten would look with her hair down at the time.

I hold my breath as I feel the pressure of her fingernails on my bare skin, and I retaliate with my own. Hard.

(Not that he was, of course. Thinking of Tenten, that is. No.)

…somehow my knees are at her hips and my hair is coming down and she is reaching up...

Now, for instance, he was meditating. Or, rather, he was “meditating”. Tenten had fallen asleep somewhere beside him, too exhausted to join him. He refused to look at her, and contented himself with thinking about her.

…My fingers are now combing through her hair, no, raking through and her mouth is open wide in a gasp…

Neji stares down at his hands, fingers intertwined into an odd, made-up seal. It is more of a default position his hands take when he sits down to meditate, really.

…but I want my fingertips to graze every inch of her, my fingernails to dig into every inch…

He feels her waken beside him, stretching a little like a cat and yawning like a child. She gives him one sleepy eye and blinks. Then her eyes widen with apology.

“I’m sorry, Neji!” Tenten truly looks it. “I’m sorry I fell asleep again.”

”I’m sorry,” she gasps, through harsh little breaths. I do not understand why she is apologizing until I realize that she has pulled off my hitai-ate. I am panting too hard to answer...

“…It’s all right,” Neji says, and he means this because he knows he has been extra hard on her today. He looks at her and nods once—he hopes she knows that he just feels the need to push himself lately.

It’s his tension.

… I kiss her, because I love her, and my fingers tighten against her skin because I want her…

“Sorry,” she says again, sheepish. She smiles. “Well, there’s always tomorrow, isn’t there?”

She taps him with a finger, on the nose. The brief meeting of her nail presses a little mark on the tip, and she makes a run for it before he can react. She will giggle all the way home for this, he knows, but all he can do is stare after her.

…we’re still breathing hard, but now we are simply wrapped around each other and waiting for sleep to take us both…

He touches his nose.

…after all, we’ll still be together tomorrow.

Will post over at nejiten now. : D
Tags: drabble, nejiten
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